Country Report 2018

Name of Member organization

Société Luxembourgeoise d’Orthodontie (SLODF)

When established + short historic overview

SLODF has been established since the 9th January 1991

Number of active members Jan ,2018

29 active members

  Updated June 2018

President 2016-2018

  • Mrs Monique De Ruyver
  • 11 RUE DU CANAL, 3137 Laguna Street, 3137 Laguna Street
  • Phone: + 352 621153581
  • Home: 555-666-0606
  • Fax: 317-317-3137
  • Email:

Secretary 2016-2018

  • Dr Jean Francois Cuzin
  • SLODF Secretary
  • Email:

Treasurer 2016-2018

When was orthodontics recognized as a dental specialty


What is the competent authority for specialists registration

College medical / Ministère de la santé de Luxembourg

What is the outline of the national specialists training program (as required by the competent authority)

At the moment no specialist training in Luxembourg

Is continuous education (CE) mandatory; If so, how organized


What is the organization of the delivery of orthodontic care

Caisse National de Santé Luxembourgeoise, with a mandatory convention.

Any further information regarding the position of orthodontics in the country

A lot of Belgian , French and German “orthodontists” are coming to Luxemburg to work in general practice once a month .