Country Report 2017

Name of Member organization

Polish Orthodontic Society (POS)

When established + short historic overview

Society has been established in 1996 in Lublin. First congress took place on 1st July 1997 year in Warsaw. From 1999 POS has its own bilingual (Polish and English) journal (in the beginning it was Contemporary Orthodontics, and now it is Orthodontic Forum). In 2000 Poland as a first organization from Eastern countries was admitted to EFOSA. From 2005 POS is an active member of EFOSA. POS is also member of World Federation

Number of active members November 1st,2017


  Updated June 2017

President 20-2012

  • Dr. Iza Dunin-Wilczyńska
  • Karmelicka 7th Str
  • 20-081 Lublin
  • Phone: +48 0 81 528 79 40
  • Fax: +48 0 81 528 79 40
  • Email:

Secretary 2008-2012

  • Dr. Magdalena Milart
  • Karmelicka 7th Str
  • 20-081 Lublin
  • Phone: +48 0 81 528 79 40
  • Fax: +48 0 81 528 79 40
  • Email:

Treasurer 2008-2012

  • Magdalena Dobrowolska - Zarzycka
  • (contact the same as President)

When was orthodontics recognized as a dental specialty


What is the competent authority for specialists registration

Polish Chamber of Physicians and Dentists

What is the outline of the national specialists training program (as required by the competent authority)

Polish specialists training program is full-time and lasts four years. It takes place in accredited orthodontic departments and is supervised by orthodontic specialists. It is finished with a national examination arranged by The National Medical Examination Centre.

Is continuous education (CE) mandatory; If so, how organized

Continuous education is mandatory in Poland for all dentists. We have to gain 200 educational points in four years by: attending courses and lectures, publications, postgraduate studies. It is under surveillance of Polish Chamber of Physicians and Dentists.

What is the organization of the delivery of orthodontic care

National Health Fund covers the costs of orthodontic treatment with removable appliances only. Free of charge appliances can be obtained up to the age of 12, with control visits until the child is 13.