Country Report 2007

Name of Member organization

Croatian Orthodontic Society (COS)

When established + short historic overview

History of Croatian dentistry and dental training begins in 1922. when Department of Dentistry was established as a part of Medical School of University of Zagreb. It was not until 1962. that School of Dental Medicine was given autonomy from the Medical school. Orthodontics was recognized as an official specialty in Croatia in 1964. Croatian orthodontic society was established in the same year (1964), first as a section of Medical Society of Yugoslavia, and in 1974. it became a part of Croatian Medical Society. The first elected president was Professor Vladimir Lapter. Croatian Orthodontic Society (COS) became an independent organization in 1997. Since then, COS has organized many meetings, seminars, conferences and training programs. Members of COS are attending many different orthodontic and interdisciplinary conferences and are playing an active role in orthodontic residency program.

Number of active members November 1st,2007


  Updated January 2010

President 2009-2010

  • Prof. Mladen Slaj
  • DDS,PhD head
    Department of Orthodontics School of Dental Medicine Zagreb University
  • Gunduliceva 5
  • 10 000 Zagreb
  • Phone: +385 1 4802 141
  • Email:

Secretary 2009-2010

  • Prof. Senka Mestrovic
  • DDS, PhD
    Department of Orthodontics School of Dental Medicine Zagreb University
  • Gunduliceva 5, , , 
  • 10 000 Zagreb
  • Phone: + 385 1 4802 163
  • Email:

Treasurer Secretary acting also as a treasurer


When was orthodontics recognized as a dental specialty

1964 Ministry of Health and Social Affairs of Republic of Croatia

What is the competent authority for specialists registration

3 year postgraduate training program at Department of Orthodontics, University of Zagreb, Croatia

Is continuous education (CE) mandatory; If so, how organized

Every 5 years all dentists (orthodontists) are required to re-register at Croatian Dental Chamber. The Croatian Orthodontic Society organizes courses in the field of orthodontics with international and national lecturers every year.

General Meeting(s) 2007 date place subject(s)

November 2007, Zagreb, Croatia Subjects: President's annual (2007.) report

What is the organization of the delivery of orthodontic care

University Clinics (Zagreb, Rijeka), private practices

Any further information regarding the position of orthodontics in the country

In December 2007, the Ministry of Health, Republic of Croatia, accepted the new program of orthodontic specialisation based partly on COS suggestions. No immigration of orthodontists from other (EU) countries Sincerely yours, Mladen Slaj President of COS