Country Report 2017

Name of Member organization

Swiss Orthodontic SocietySGK: Schweizerische Gesellschaft für Kieferorthopädie

When established + short historic overview

Founded in 1957 as a part of Swiss Dental Association SSO 1972 orthodontic specialization is recognized by SSO

Number of active members 2017

active members 407
active members with specialisation 226
free members 56
honorary members 5

  Updated June 2017

President 2017-2020

Secretary 2017-2020

  • Gabriele Kummer
  • Thunstrasse 82
  • CH-3073 Gümligen
  • Phone: +41 31 356 62 62
  • Fax: +41 31 356 00 65
  • Email:

Treasurer 2017-2020

  • Dr. med. Dent Alexander Johner
  • Ryf 23
  • 3280 Murten
  • Phone: +41 26 670 24 14
  • Email:

When was orthodontics recognized as a dental specialty


What is the competent authority for specialists registration

Swiss Orthodontic Society, committee of specialization Swiss Orthodontic Society, committee of specialization

What is the outline of the national specialists training program (as required by the competent authority)

Four years full-time training at university. PProgram: detailed program on our Website: www. Adapted to Erasmus program

Is continuous education (CE) mandatory; If so, how organized

Yes, mandatory 50 hrs to be certified by workshop/seminar organizers, 30 hrs lecture (per year)

Any further information regarding the position of orthodontics in the country

A very important number of EU orthodontists immigrated to Switzerland from 2002 to 2007 (156 orthodontists, 80% from Germany). There are 186 Swiss orthodontists compared to an almost equal number of immigrated orthodontists. Switzerland is now oversaturated of orthodontists and young colleagues do not find a place to open their practice. This consideration is still valid beyond 2007. In the mean time the orthodontics from foreign countries have bypassed the number of Swiss orthodontists!