Country Report 2018

Name of Member organization

Czech Orthodontic Society

When established + short historic overview

Established in 1939, newly established (after 1989) in 1991; in years of communiste government the society worked without her own legal subject, only as the part of the Czech Stomatological Society by the Czech Medical Society

Number of active members Jan 2018

  Updated October 2018

President 2016-2020

Secretary 2016-2020

  • MUDr. Josef Kučera
  • Ph.D.
  • stomatologická klinika, Kateřinská 32, I.LF UK a VFN
  • 12801 Prague
  • Email:

Treasurer Vice - President

  • MUDr. Ivo Marek
  • PhD.,
  • tr. 1. maje 3414/11a
  • 69002 Breclav
  • Phone: +420 519 327 028
  • Email:

When was orthodontics recognized as a dental specialty

Specialty in orthodontics was recognized in 1954

What is the competent authority for specialists registration

The Ministry of Health

What is the outline of the national specialists training program (as required by the competent authority)

The conditions to become the specialist in orthodontics and to be registered as this specialist: To finish successfully the study of the five-years dental school, and to pass the three years orthodontic training at the department with accreditation for the education in orthodontics, the orthodontic department of the medical faculty of the university.the To pass the final exam (committee organised by ministry of health) to obtain the title of the specialist in orthodontics at the end of the three years full time training. The Czech Ministry of Health has the register of the specialists in orthodontics, the Czech Dental Chamber has the register of the licensed orthodontists in the private offices. The requirements to become the accredited institution for the training of the specialists in orthodontics: The orthodontic department of the university, usually the orthodontic department of the dental clinic faculty hospital. At the department min.

2 specialists in orthodontics are working. The dep. has min. 5 chairs available and the seminary room. The dep. has the close relationship to the other departments of the clinic to realize the interdisciplinary treatment. At the department stay min.

3 postgraduate students in orthodontic training. Realization of the theoretical seminar min. once weekly, the list of the themes is prepared min. a half year before. At the dep. they work on the science-reaserch tasks. List of the institutions for the training of orthodontists: Orthodontic Dep., Dental Clinic of the 1st Medical Faculty Charles University Prague and General Faculty Hospital, Katerinska 32, 120 00 Praha 2 Orthodontic Dep., Dental Clinic of the 3rd Medical Faculty Charles University Prague and the Faculty Hospital Královské Vinohrady, Šrobárova 50, 100 00 Praha 10 Orthodontic Dep., Dental Clinic of the Medical Faculty Charles University Plzeň and the Faculty Hospital Lochotín, Alej Svobody 80, 304 60 Plzeň Orthodontic Dep., Dental Clinic of the Medical Faculty Charles University Hradec Králové and the Faculty Hospital, 500 02 Hradec Králové Orthodontic Dep., Dental Clinic of the Medical Faculty Masaryk University and the Faculty Hospital Saint Anne,

Is continuous education (CE) mandatory; If so, how organized

In Czech rep. continuous education in orthodontics for specialists in orthodontics is mandatory from ethical a moral point of view and it hasn´t been exacted by state authorities yet.

What is the organization of the delivery of orthodontic care

The orthodontic therapy by fixed orthodntic appliance is covered by insurance ( 4 years limitation, can be interrupted into 2 phases etc..) but the material of fixed appliances itself is not covered from the insurance at all and is fully paid by patients.

Any further information regarding the position of orthodontics in the country

Orthodontics is allowed to be provided by specialists in orthodontics only no matter if completely privately paid or paid by insurance offices. This is set by law.