Country Report 2018

Name of Member organization


When established + short historic overview

The society was established in 1972 as a specialist organization within the Danish Dental Organization. In 1991 the relationship to the Danish Dental Organization was suspended.

Number of active members Jan 2018


  Updated June 2018

President 2016-2019

  • Dr. Sornsiri Sae-Wang
  • FSO
  • valleroedgade 34b
  • 2960 rungsted
  • Phone: +4542227579
  • Email:

Secretary 2016-2019

Treasurer 2017-2020

  • Dr. Morten Bochhorst

When was orthodontics recognized as a dental specialty

In 1954 The Danish Dental Organization established orthodontics as a dental specialty. In 1978 the specialty wasrecognized by the governmental authorities.

What is the competent authority for specialists registration

The National Board of Health of Denmark

What is the outline of the national specialists training program (as required by the competent authority)

Three year full-time education at the universitie in Copenhagen or Århus (at The Department of Othodontics) finished with a national examination arranged by The National Health Board.

Is continuous education (CE) mandatory; If so, how organized

Officially there are no mandatory or controlled continuing educations for dentist in Denmark. The dental associations have their own educational programs and one of the main organizations has now decided that their members have to take at least 50 hours of education (free of choice) ower a period of 2 years. FSO holds two arrangements every year.

What is the organization of the delivery of orthodontic care

Public dental health service by the municipalities and counties and 35-40 private practice (some part times).