48th EFOSA General Assembly Meeting

June 6th 2017
Montreux Music and Convention Centre, Montreux, Switzerland

Attendance Limited to National Delegates and Invited Guests


President Julian O'Neil   JO
Vice-President Bart Vande Vannet BVV
Secretary Kristín Heimisdóttir  KH
Treasurer Christian Scherer CS
EOS co-opted member Ewa Czochrowska AEC
Council member Melissa DisseMD
Web master Alain Vigie du CaylaAVdC

Stathis Efstathion Cyprus Ivo Marak Czech
Georgia Sofroniou Cyprus  Senka Méstrovic Croatia
Reet Karelson Estonia  Anu Kiukkonen Finland
Raija Kiuru-Skyttä Finland Anna Paodogeorgaki-Anagnostou Greece
Yves Trin France  Alexandros Kokkas Greece
Constantinos Paradissi Greece Daniela Lupini Italy
Pasquale D´Amico Italy Monique de Ruyver  Luxembourg
Sinead O Hanrahan Ireland Odile Hutereau Luxembourg
Américo Ferraz Portugal Beata Walawska Poland
Irena Klímová Slovakia  Margareta Berge Norén Sweden 
Birgitta Obrant Sweden Claudius Wiedmer Switzerland 
Alison Murray UK Jonathan Sandler UK

AM session

1. Opening and welcome from our hosts

Julian O´Neill expressed his gratitude to Claudius Wiedmer and the Swiss Orthodontic society for their generosity in providing an excellent get-together and also for the organization of the meeting.

2. Apologies for absence and introduction of delegates and guests:

Apologies from Denmark, Norway, Turkey, Malta and Austria.

3. Changes and amendments to the Agenda

Addition to the agenda: Changes proposed to article 9 (marked with red):

The Federation is administered by a Council composed of five delegates, each representing an active member. In addition, a co-opted EOS-member, (appointed by EOS) and a webmaster will sit on the council without voting rights. Each member association or group will freely designate its wishes to present as a candidate for the office of Councilor of the Federation. 

The Councillors are elected for four years. They are eligible for re-election on one consecutive occasion.  The GAM can vote for an additional term.

The GAM agreed to add this to the agenda and discuss under “Any other business”.

4. Reports from the Council

  • Report from the President
    EOS: JO attended the EOS closing meetings in Stockholm in June 2016 and London in February 2017. The following topics were discussed:

    NEBEOP: A company with limited liability is being set up to manage any possible legal challenges arising, for instance, should a post-graduate course not achieve membership. There are three directors; one each from EOS, NEBEOP and EFOSA. Our representative is Christian Scherer.

    Charles Bolender award: EFOSA provides 1000 Euros a year. Since keynote speakers at the EOS Congress receive 2000 Euros for their contribution, it was suggested that the Charles Bolender award should equal that amount. The EOS has agreed to match EFOSA with €1000 provided by EOS for the next 5 years.

  • Report from the Secretary,including minutes of 47th GAM, Stockholm, 2017:
    Some progress has been made in finding new addresses of representatives, especially in Eastern Europe, but with a low response rate.

  • Report from the Treasurer:
    Status of Account / Resources, membership dues and budget 2017-2018.
    CS suggested that the fiscal year should run from Jan 1st until 31st of December in order to provide a more correct picture of the financial situation. This proposal was put to the auditors, who agreed that this was a good idea and appropriate. Attached: Treasurer´s report.

5. Auditors’ report and discharge of the Council regarding the responsibilities concerning the accounts of the past financial year (2016-2017)

Owen Crotty replied on behalf of the auditors that the audited accounts were a satisfactory and should be accepted. This was put to the GAM delegates who voted to accept the audited accounts.

6. ESAS: Working party report

Bart (BVV) and Melissa (MD) have had 2 meetings with Michelle Konig (Netherlands President), as well as one with Jan Huggare (Sweden) in order to make improvements to ESAS. It would be of benefit if every user country would have a representative person (e.g. Margriet Tiemersma, secretary of the Dutch Orthodontic Society) who could serve as an administrator. At last year’s GAM (2016), we agreed to earmark 10.000 Euros to improve ESAS and that should be sufficient. Since ESAS is, specifically, a quality assessment tool for orthodontists, it should not be used for other purposes. Jan Huggare suggested ESAS could be offered to NEBEOP as a quality assessment tool for post-graduate students. The council strongly agrees with that view.

7. EFOSA Radiation Guidelines

Two papers have been submitted for publication in conjunction with Reinhilde Jacobs and are in the review phase. The BOS have radiation guidelines, that could be linked to the EFOSA webpage.

Teacher´s forum – a visit

GAM visit to Teachers’ forum – discussion about “Masters” courses in Europe Teacher´s forum

The GAM visited and listened to 4 presentations on private master courses in Europe. Julian O´Neill, Christian Scherer, Silvia Allegrini and Andreu Puigdollers gave a brief overview of the situation in the UK, Germany, Italy and Spain. This was the main topic at the Teacher´s forum. Following the presentations, the forum split into groups to discuss the following questions: Are the recently updated and published Erasmus guidelines still relevant? Are applicants aware that some programmes do not lead to specialist recognition? Is there a long-term effect of these programmes on the specialty? Do some master´s degrees deliberately mislead patients? Can EOS and/or EFOSA play a role regarding these matters?

9. Website

Our new logo is now on the website. A V de C continues to update the site.

10. Update from Greece:

Anna Papadogeorgaki-Anagnostou (president of the Hellenic professional Union of Orthodontist) discussed how the Greeks are trying to manage a poor economic situation combined with lower fees for orthodontic procedures. They now use social media to promote orthodontics. There is more than one orthodontic society in Greece, which might be a disadvantage. Alison Murray (President of the British Orthodontic Society) suggested that UK orthodontics benefits significantly by having all specialist and non-specialist orthodontists in one society.

11:00-11:15 Coffee

Visit by Nahid Maleki, AAO President, DeWayne McCamish, AAO Past President, and Brent Larson AAO President – elect

Nahid Maleki gave an informative presentation. European and the American orthodontists share a lot in common. In USA, newly graduated orthodontists often have large debts and, thus, difficulties in financing a practice on top of their student loan. One in four new orthodontists, therefore, decides to work for one of the corporates. The AAO has an endorsed a programme to aid finance loans and finance consulting. In order to join the AAO, applicants must have completed a certified post-graduate program in orthodontics in order to become members. The AAO now uses social media such as Instagram, Google and other online platforms to promote orthodontics and the specialty.

PM Session

11. Lecture by Prof. Dr. Bjarni Petursson.

Prof. Petursson provided an interesting, amusing and informative presentation about periodontics, (at no cost to EFOSA!) The GAM warmly thanked him for coming and talking to us.

12. European Platform for Oral Health:

Dirk Bister from EOS and Bart Vande Vannet represent the orthodontic profession. BVV stated that here is a need for evidence linking orthodontics and oral disease.

13. Developments in Spain and Austria

No progress is reported, as yet, in Spain, except for changes to the government. The new president of the Spanish orthodontic society is Dr. Leonor Muela. Austria is also slowly progressing towards the recognition of the specialty, but there is no further news at present.

14. Presentation on EOS meeting 2018, Glasgow:

Dirk Bister presented next years EOS congress 2018, dated 17th June 2018, Glasgow, Scotland . The EFOSA get together party will take place on 16th of June

15. Proposed study of European Postgraduate orthodontic programmes

Harriet Brookman gave a presentation about her forthcoming Masters study on the quality of European postgraduate programmes. She will be surveying postgraduate students about their experiences during training as well as collecting data from those running orthodontic programmes. She asked those attending the GAM for their assistance in identifying programmes within their own countries and helping to promote the study.

16. NEBEOP presentation – NEBEOP-EFOSA cooperation

NEBEOP has a new website, supported by EFOSA: http://www.nebeop.org. EFOSA continues to pay for hosting their website, but does not influence NEBEOP. EFOSA has earmarked 3000 Euros to help set up a company with limited liability in conjunction with EOS and NEBEOP, as described by JO in the President’s report.

The NEBEOP website provides information about post-graduate education. The Erasmus guidelines should always be the minimum standards. The distinction of orthodontic specialists and a master´s degree without orthodontic education should be transparent to the public, to national societies and the government. National dental and national orthodontic societies could play a role. The council will come up with a proposal how EFOSA could facilitate that; for instance, in cooperating with the AAO.

17. EPSOS presentation

Arti Hindocha, President elect of EPSOS gave a short presentation on EPSOS’ activities.

18. Any other business:

Two changes to to article 9 of the constitution are suggested: (marked with red)
  1. In order to be able to allow Council members to serve longer than 2 terms (8 years) but not more than 3 terms (12 years) on the council:

    The Councillors are elected for four years. They are eligible for re-election on one consecutive occasion. The GAM can vote for an additional term.
  2. To add a webmaster and EOS co-opted member as non-voting members of the Council.

    The Federation is administered by a Council composed of five delegates, each representing an active member. In addition, a co-opted EOS-member (appointed by EOS) and webmaster will sit on the council without voting rights. Each member association or group will freely designate its wishes to present as a candidate for the office of Councillor of the Federation

These were presented to the delegates at the GAM and a vote was taken.

There was unanimous agreement for these changes to be made to the constitution.

These changes will be made and published on the website.

19. Date and Venue of Next Meeting 17th June 2018, Glasgow, Scotland

The Council meeting and get together take place on 16th of June

20. Closure of Meeting.

JO closed the meeting at 16.00 and thanked the delegates for their attendance and participation.