49th EFOSA General Assembly Meeting

09.00 June 17th 2018
Ochil Suite, EICC, Edinburgh, Scotland

Attendance Limited to National Delegates and Invited Guests

AM session

Distribution of printed information to the delegates.

1. Opening and welcome from our hosts at 9:10.

2. Apologies for absence and introduction of delegates and guests:

Austria, Ireland, Turkey sent their apologies for absence. Some discussions arose regarding a concern raised by the Hellenic Professional Union of Orthodontists about DIY (do it yourself) orthodontics. Brent Larson from AAO gave a brief report on how Invisalign has opened smile shops that purport to target future patients for orthodontic specialists, but this does not seem to be the case. The AAO have now filed claims in 36 states, since US law is very clear about DIY orthodontics. Dr. Larson pointed out that orthodontists should focus on opportunities in this regard. Daniella Lupini from ASIO gave a short presentation about orthodontics in Italy introducing a new law in Italy forbidding auxillary staff in orthodontic practice to work directly on patients.

3. Changes and amendments to the Agenda: Voting for new auditors will be added to the agenda

4. Reports from the Council

  • Report from President and correspondence
  • Report from the Secretary, including minutes of 48th GAM, Montreux, 2017 – accepted.
  • Report from the Treasurer:
    Status of Account / Resources, membership dues and budget 2018-2019. Changes to the fiscal year resulted a shorter reporting year. The financial report was presented and accepted by the membership.

5. Auditors’ report and discharge of the Council regarding the responsibilities concerning the accounts of the past. The accounts were accepted by the auditors.

6. Membership status (Spain, Austria, Ukraine.)

The status quo remains in Spain and Austria as there has been no progress since last year regarding the recognition of the specialty in these countries.

7. Update on Masters courses (Malta, Duisberg-Essen)

There are now a number of Masters courses in various countries, providing ECTS. The most recent ones to arise are in Malta and Duisberg. Some on-line advertising, which was discussed, could be misleading, since programmes that have never applied for NEBEOP recognition are implying that they have a connection with NEBEOP. It was reiterated that only NEBEOP member programmes on the website www.nebeop.org should use the NEBEOP acronym.

8. GDPR – implications and actions:

Some action is needed, including removing individual’s names from the website. However, the names of individual societies, their office bearers, and information from the societies should be available. The EFOSA minutes must be password protected and provided by the secretary. Personal e-mail addresses should be removed and contact with council members should only be through info@efosa.eu, directed to the secretary of EFOSA.

9. EFOSA website. A V du Cayla provided a report.

10. ESAS: Working party reports:

At the GAM next year, an interim report should be ready on implementing ESAS for NEBEOP.

11. EFOSA Radiation Guidelines

This has been accepted for revisions – the second edition in currently being updated. EFOSA will pay for open access when published.

Visit by Brent Larson AAO President, Gary Inman AAO President-elect and Lynne Thomas Gordon, AAO Executive Director.

The AAO have changed their advertising strategy and are concentrating more on social media
https://www.facebook.com/BuzzFeed/videos/10157821761530329 and

The traffic on their website has increased by 6400%. The budget for advertising each year is 6.5 million dollars.

PM Session

12. EPSOS presentation by Arti Hindocha.

13. NEBEOP presentation

Prof. Stavros Kiliaridis presented the latest news from NEBEOP. Following the discussion of Masters courses, Stavros emphasized that the term NEBEOP should only be used only bythose who fulfill all criteria and have undergone the process for full membership. Stavros does not accept the use of the acronym NEBEOP in the flyer for the Malta course. Some discussion ensued about the use of ESAS as a tool for measuring outcomes in post-graduate education.


The NEBEOP webpage has been updated. Thanks were given to Bart who has worked hard on this.

A limited company has been set up for NEBEOP and the bylaws have been finalized. Christian scherer represents EFOSA as a director. It has been agreed to continue to pay 1000 Euros a year to support a speaker at the teachers’ forum.

15. European orthodontic postgraduate and educators survey 2018.

JO reported that this survey has now been completed by Harriet Shah, who introduced it at last year’s GAM. 158 heads of orthodontic programmes had been identified and 106 had completed the survey – a 66% response rate. 157 postgrads from across Europe had responded to the postgraduates’ questionnaire. The survey will be submitted to the EJO in due course.

16. Proposal for joint working with FEO

Silvia Allegrini, president of FEO gave a short presentation and recommended further cooperation between FEO and EFOSA.

17. Platform for Better Oral Health

This is an important forum for representatives of general dentists, auxiliaries and specialties, represented by Dirk Bister (EOS) and BVV (EFOSA).

18. Results of the European Orthodontic Therapist survey 2018 – a pdf from Jonathan Sandler is attached.

19. EU CPD directive:

EFOSA has been focusing recently on the quality of orthodontic postgraduate education. However, it has been suggested that we should now consider guidelines for the management and delivery of high quality CPD for qualified orthodontists. Discussions should take place if EFOSA should devote time and effort, perhaps in junction with FEO, into producing such guidelines.

20. Elections of Council officers 2018:

Nomination committee: Odile Huterau, Ivo Marek, Ewa Czochrowska accepted by majority vote.

Council: re-elected Julian O´Neill (president), Bart van de Vannet (vice-president), Kristín Heimisdóttir (secretary), Christian Scherer (treasurer), for the next four years.

21. Any other business: none

Get together 16th June, GAM 17th June 9:00 2019, at the EOS Congress, Nice, France.

23. Presentation on EOS meeting 2019, Nice - Olivier Sorel sent apologies

24. Closure of Meeting.